My Experience with a “Land Liquidation” Sale (Mountain or Lake Lots from $9,999!)

For several years, I have received glossy advertisements mailed to me with pictures of beautiful mountain and lake land having “Liquidation Sales” with great mountain or lakefront lots starting at $9,999 and home or cabin packages with land starting at $79,999.  I always just threw the ads in the trash, but there was a sale near me, and I was interested in the land.  What happened next was very educational for me seeing how both I and others attending the sale reacted and included a little side of stress and awkwardness from the sales experience.  Overall, I’m glad I attended.  Read below for the details!

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Early Career Learnings. Your Biggest Investment = You + Your Career

For most people, your career will be your biggest investment.  Investing in your career is truly an investment in yourself.  With a 4 year bachelor degree, you will have the potential to likely earn $2-3+ million dollars over the course of your career.  I have learned a number of things early in my career, often the hard way, which is sometimes painful.

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Survival Guide: Can you live without stainless steel appliances?

While having friends over to watch a game, one of them exclaimed, “I can’t live in a home without Stainless Steel Appliances!”.   A few others echoed the same sentiment.  They said this as they were enjoying cold drinks and ice from a white refrigerator and hot food cooked from a white stove/oven.  The dishes, silverware, and glasses were cleaned in a white dishwasher.  I had to bite my lip as I listened their thoughts.

So, is it possible to live without Stainless Steel Appliances?  YES!

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DIY: The $40 Homemade TV stand! (Made from 3 pieces of lumber)

One of things I like to do is to make things.  One of my friends recently purchased a 50″ TV, but didn’t have a TV stand that was big enough, so they used the TV box on top of a coffee table as a TV stand (ingenious!).  They were considering purchasing a basic TV stand that was made of wood byproducts and cost over $100.  Friends don’t let friends do that!  Read below on how the $40 TV stand was made!

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Obsession with things? Examining Self Storage Units.

I have noticed quite a few new self-storage facilities being constructed in my area.  It made me wonder if that many people are moving and need temporary storage, or if people have so many things they can’t keep them all at their house.  I have used a self-storage facility once when I was in college to keep my items safe when I was away for the summer, but have not used such a place outside of that time.  So let’s examine…

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Tax Sale Investing: Pros and Cons

Have you heard about tax sales?  I was interested in them and the opportunity to get properties for pennies on the dollar.  I decided to attend several sales a few years back.  I even bought a house that went through this process.  No better way to learn than to participate!  I had preconceived notions and learned a lot in the process.  This is a quick write-up on what I learned to give you a perspective of the sale and process here in South Carolina.

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What goes up must come down? (Really? Use of Laws of Physics in Finance? )

While driving over the last few weeks and listening to the radio, I have come across 2 different shows (really infomercials) for retirement planning touting the benefits of purchasing annuities.  On both shows, they frequently quoted Newton’s third law of motion saying “what goes up must come down“.    While annuities do have a place for retirement planning, DON’T MISUSE SCIENCE as part of a sales pitch!  Yes, these are sales pitches!

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Cold Shower! Replacing a Water Heater (includes expected $ saved)

There is almost no worse feeling than taking a shower with no hot water!  I recently had this happen to me on a Saturday.  I went to check on the water heater and noticed water coming out of the top access panel (not good!).   That is not supposed to happen!   I had previously changed out the bottom heating element for the unit, but this was obviously a bigger issue.  After 16 years of use, it was due to be replaced.

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How I save $110 a month on TV (Includes Review of Sling TV).

About 2 years ago, my cable+internet bill had reached $180.  I was fed up with the cost.  I really only watch TV to watch news and sports.  Being a sports fan (mainly college football), I had ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU.  After calling the cable company and not having any options to lower my bill, I decided to look at other options.  I came across Sling TV, which is a streaming service that offers the ESPN channels.

I signed up for the free preview and decided to make the switch.  My Sling + Internet bill is now a total of $70, a savings of $110 per month.

A Funny Thing Happened when I Called to Cancel Cable TV

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