2017 Mid Year Reflections and 2nd Half Goals

Now Independence Day (4th of July) has now come and gone.  It is a good time to reflect on the history of the country, including the sacrifices veterans have made for our freedom.

It is also a good time to reflect on the the first half of the year and to set 2nd half goals.

Market Performance Year to Date: 

  • S&P500:  8.2%
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average:  8%
  • NASDAQ Composite Index:  14.1%
  • My Portfolio:  9.1% (Primarily Index Funds)

The first half of the year was good for the markets.  How long will this last?  Who knows, but it is nice to continue to surf the wave (summertime reference!) with the primarily index fund portfolio.  It is always good to be prepared for things the next time the market goes south ( see Mr. Money Mustache’s thoughts).

Accomplishments:  Started this blog! Continued to invest on autopilot, Maxed out 401k for the first half of the year

Potential Improvements:  More exercise, More free time!, Continue to develop both professionally and as a new blogger



Goals for the 2nd half of 2017:

  • Max out the 401k.  I recently started to max out the 401k.  While painful at first, I am at the point where I have adjusted and don’t really miss the money that is automatically deposited from each paycheck.
  • Increase after tax passive income by allocating at least 50% of monthly after tax savings to Dividend Growth and Dividend focused Index Funds.  I am a little hesitant on this, as I would also like to increase my mid/small cap allocations at the same time for a total return philosophy (decisions, decisions, decisions). With the market continuing to set new highs, I would like to stay as high quality as possible, thus the Dividend/Dividend Growth focus for the 2nd half.  I plan to have have both a Dividend Growth and Total Return philosophy going forward.
  • Exercise at least more day/week than current.  I believe in incremental steps, whether investing or in life.  Life has been busy with work commitments, and I have not been getting enough exercise (lately just 1 time/week).  I have been feeling a little tired and fatigued lately.  Additional exercise should help turn this around.
  • Eat at least one more salad/week than current.  Salads are not just healthy, but they can be delicious with the right ingredients.  I plan to eat at least one more salad each week compared to current.  This plus the exercise should help to increase my energy level.  This could be tough, as I like to go to Chipotle from time to time.
  • Continue to be frugal where it makes sense, but don’t be over-frugal.

What are your 2nd half of the year goals?


2 Replies to “2017 Mid Year Reflections and 2nd Half Goals”

  1. Great job beating the indexes! I think maxing out your 401k is the best and easiest way to increase net worth. This will be the first year to max it out for me too, and I agree with it not making as huge of an impact on my take home pay as I expected.

    My second half year goals are also investment related. I hope to get into real estate soon, so I’ve been reading a lot and saving up for a possible purchase.

    1. I’m no genius, I’m just surfing the market with mostly index funds. International stocks plus the NASDAQ were up approx 14% the first half of the year, so that helped. I do believe in measuring yourself to a metric to see how good (or how bad) you perform in investing and in life. I look forward to hearing your ventures into real estate.

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