DIY: The $40 Homemade TV stand! (Made from 3 pieces of lumber)

One of things I like to do is to make things.  One of my friends recently purchased a 50″ TV, but didn’t have a TV stand that was big enough, so they used the TV box on top of a coffee table as a TV stand (ingenious!).  They were considering purchasing a basic TV stand that was made of wood byproducts and cost over $100.  Friends don’t let friends do that!  Read below on how the $40 TV stand was made!


First, before being able to make the stand, you have to have a plan.  I sketched out the general idea after reviewing the TV dimensions.  I then figured out how to make it using readily available supplies from a local Lowe’s to require minimal materials, cuts, and waste.  I figured out how to make the stand with only 3 pieces of lumber:  a 4 ft x 4 ft sheet of 15/32″ plywood, a 2″x2″x8 ft board, and a 2″x3″x8 ft board.  After determining I could make the stand out of these materials, I determined the detailed measurements (see below).  The overall height of the table is 24″.

Sketch of TV stand. I added the measurements after planning out how to use minimal materials.
Sketch of the main cuts needed in the plywood, 2×2, and 2×3.

Procuring the Materials

The next step is to obtain the materials.  I knew what I needed, so it was a matter of picking out board and plywood that were in good shape that would look good for the stand.  I also obtained a stain and 3 foam brushes.  Below is a picture of the cart.

The cart with the 3 pieces of wood, stain, and 3 brushes.
Receipt showing the total paid for the materials.



The next step is to make the stand.  I don’t have too many pictures of this part of the process.  I decided to make the cuts for the plywood myself with a circular saw.  You could have the local store make the cuts for you.  I also used a chop saw to cut the lumber to length.  A handsaw could be used also.  I used screws as fasteners.  I didn’t do anything to hide the screws, in fact, I think it helps add to the look for this piece.

Initial view after the frame and legs are attached. I just put the table surface on for a visual, it was not attached.
View of the stand with the bottom shelf supports in process. I also added a middle support for the bottom shelf.
Almost done!  View of the table after applying stain+poly.
The only waste from the project. I try to minimize any leftover materials. The plywood length is 18″ for perspective.

Finished Product and Overall Thoughts

The stand turned out to be rather sturdy using the plywood and 2 pieces of lumber.  I didn’t, but I felt it would be able to support my weight if I would stand on it.  The expresso stain turned out well and helped the piece look richer than the $40 spent on it.  The only thing I would probably do different would be to have the store cut the plywood for me to save time.  The dimensions of the TV allowed for a 4×4 sheet of plywood to be used for a number of different parts.   Overall it turned out well, and it is inspiring me to work on other projects (stay tuned!)

To Finished Product! (The coffee table is back to its normal place)
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