How I save $110 a month on TV (Includes Review of Sling TV).

About 2 years ago, my cable+internet bill had reached $180.  I was fed up with the cost.  I really only watch TV to watch news and sports.  Being a sports fan (mainly college football), I had ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU.  After calling the cable company and not having any options to lower my bill, I decided to look at other options.  I came across Sling TV, which is a streaming service that offers the ESPN channels.

I signed up for the free preview and decided to make the switch.  My Sling + Internet bill is now a total of $70, a savings of $110 per month.

A Funny Thing Happened when I Called to Cancel Cable TV

As I mentioned above, I originally called the cable company to see if there was a lower price where I could keep the ESPN channels.  I was told there was not.  After testing out Sling TV, and deciding to make the switch, I called the cable company to cancel the cable TV.  When I did so, I was transferred to the customer retention department who immediately offered a lower price than the price I was paying.  I declined since Sling TV was still cheaper.  I asked the person who offered me the deal why I wasn’t offered the price when I called the first time, and I was told I was speaking to the wrong department.  The “funny” thing was that if I was offered this price break when I originally called, I would have likely accepted and not even start to look at alternatives.

I have since learned that a good way to lower your price on cable services is to call and say you want to cancel your service.  Really?  Why not reward the loyal consumer?


Sling TV Review

I have the Sling Orange package (single stream) with the sports package.  The base price is $20 + $5 for the sports package.  This allows me to watch the ESPN channels during college football season .

I could drop the $5 sports package outside of football season, but I haven’t.

  • How to Connect to TV:  I connect to Sling using a Roku device.  Sling has an offer on their site where you can get a free or discounted streaming device if you sign up for 2 months of service.
  • User Interface:  Here is a picture.  It is straightforward and easy to use.
  • Channels Available:  I mainly use CNN and the ESPN channels.  By using Sling TV, I also have access to the Watch ESPN app, which is nice.  The only channel I miss is the Weather Channel, but there are other apps that I use in its place.  Check the Sling TV webpage for a full listing of available channels.
  • Number of TVs you can connect.  I use the Orange package, which only allows one TV to use the service at a time.  This is all I need.
  • Local Channels.  I use an antenna connected to the TV to watch local channels.  This is a one time $10-15 cost.  There are a number of different antenna types you can use, from smaller traditional rabbit ear type to sleek flat panels to roof mounted units.
  • Reliability.  I haven’t had many reliability issues.  Every once in awhile, the Sling app will restart, but it is not a nuisance for me.
  • Miss 100s of Channels?  Since I don’t watch many channels, I do not miss having the hundred plus channels I had with cable TV.

Overall Experience and Value vs. Cable

The overall experience I have with Sling TV has been good.  While it doesn’t have all the channels as Cable, I don’t care as I don’t need to watch them.  With the cost savings and still being able to watch ESPN for college football, I am happy with my decision to switch to Sling TV.

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  1. I actually didn’t know that Sling was that cheap. At that price, I don’t see why anyone not wanting to give up tv wouldn’t switch! I don’t follow sports, so we just use Netflix/Hulu/Amazon, which comes out to about the same price as Sling.

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