Want to cut your budget? Cut your own hair!

I admit I am a frugal person.  One of the ways I am frugal is that I cut my own hair.  Yes, I admit it…and you did read that correctly….I cut my own hair.  This started when I was in college and had to make the choice between pizza or paying for a haircut.  The pizza won out!

I’m sure people get tired of the latte and avocado comparisons, but hold on a minute…..If we look at how much a haircut could cost from the time you graduate college until retirement age (let’s say 22-67), you could have invested the money saved to potentially achieve $130,000!  This assumes the haircut+tip = $18, getting a haircut once/month, inflation of the haircut cost of 3%/year, investing the savings, and the investment rate of return of 8%.  This figure doesn’t include the cost of gas or your time waiting for the haircut.

To have a professional job, you do have to cut your hair at some frequency.  I like to have a decent, close haircut.  In order to be able to justify this to myself, I learned how to cut my hair.

The first time I cut my own hair, I started slowly and was nervous.  I figured if I messed up, I could simply shave my hair and let it grow out again.  As I have gained more experience, I am not so much  worried about having a snafu anymore.

By cutting your own hair:

  • You could avoid the awkward conversations you might have with the barber.  (ex:  What do you tell the barber if you get a bad haircut?  What do you do if they cut your hair too short?  What if they start asking personal questions or asking if you want to go out sometime…and you don’t want to?)  The barbers are in a position of power with you seated and them having a sharp implement in hand.  I have had some really good barbers while growing up, but I have also been to some I wish I had never visited!  I do respect the profession, so don’t hate on me!
  • If you are reading this blog, I’m sure you are a particular, detail oriented person.  By cutting your hair yourself, you don’t have to explain or have something get lost in communication of the type of haircut you would like.
  • You can give yourself a haircut in the comfort of your own place, at anytime.  Want a haircut at midnight?  No problem!
  • You can also get the satisfaction that when people say nice haircut…that you know you did it yourself.  I don’t like to tell people I cut my own hair.

How do I do this?  I use Wahl trimmer.  I cut my hair in my bathroom, with the main mirror in front and a side mirror that I can rotate to see the back of my head.  I clean up using by sweeping the floor and using a wet rag for surfaces.

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  1. Ouch! That pales in comparison to the $18 for guys. Thanks for the comment. Do you see this as a necessary splurge, or do you have any tips or tricks you care to share?

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